The Importance of Website Maintenance and Technical Support


Internet plays an important role in modern life, here users play, communicate, work, learn useful and interesting information, enjoy watching movies and listening to songs, and even to meet new people. Gradually, the network carries many areas of human activity. For many webmasters, the Internet is a place of earnings, so a lot of sites created every day.

Purpose of the site is to be a constant source of revenue for the company. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly pay attention and good work on the technical support of the strategy, it is important to support Internet site, its regular maintenance and service after the main development work is finished.

Website Maintenance is a certain set of measures aimed at bringing the performance site in high quality mode (benefits of the website support and maintenance are found on this page “Website Maintenance“). Support includes information and graphic content, edit and update the site structure, promotion of your business online, high-quality and professional help in coding and programming. Website Maintenance is a complex of measures aimed at controlling the constant efficiency and relevance of a web resource. Technical support may begin with a technical audit and end with the design of the site and the development of new Web representations.

Let’s just make a reservation, in some cases, technical support is needed after its creation. Yes, contrary to popular opinion of many, the technical support is not always necessary, that would greatly reduce future operating costs associated with the operation of your website. So when is it required? Only in those cases where the staff of your company is not able to carry out all the planned changes to the site. Consequently, in order to optimize the cost of site you want to minimize the number of situations in which further, productive operation of the site, you will need outside help.

When creating a site we take into account all the necessary things that have to retain the visitor thus bringing you income. There are moments when something starts to work poorly or completely refuses to perform its functions. Your reaction: where you begin to torment the question: how it used to be created? and with whom you have worked before, or leave your request, consequently with the response: we will contact you later. Are you comfortable with dealing with those questions on your own? I think not. So now you have a real opportunity to stop worrying because there is an error, if you choose to subscribe to the maintenance of the site after it is created.

Types of Support/Maintenance

Technical Support

  • Accommodation in the selected web hosting customer
  • Technical Support site’s domain name in the DNS-servers
  • Support the overall health of the site
  • Registration, maintenance and support of e-mail accounts, create new, or delete unnecessary boxes

Information support the development and content of the site

  • Preparation and placement of materials, writing texts and articles
  • Edit and format existing text and graphic information
  • Layout, formatting and modifying tables, support for tabular information
  • Publication and processing files in doc, pdf, xls
  • Editing and correction of the text format, size, fonts, styles change site

Image processing and placement

  • Selection, scan photos and images
  • Posting of photos and any graphic elements
  • Placing audio and video files
  • Technical processing and resizing graphics and photos

Development and support of web sites with a catalog of goods and services

  • Making changes and adding products to the catalog (goods or services)
  • Support, technical setup or completion of additional modules directory – shares, discounts, coupons, comparison of the goods, sale
  • Setting up and maintenance of export (integration) of the list of products in the product catalog of Yandex.Market, integration with 1C

Registration in catalogs and ratings

  • Registering resource customer statistics systems and installation of meters
  • Join and support resource in the major search engines
  • Support and maintenance of the site in thematic catalogs

Maintain and update the site structure

  • Adding and removing sections and subsections, update web pages
  • Connection and service management system, transport or transfer of Bitrix (support internet sites on Bitrix)
  • Optimization and adjustment navigation
  • Layout html, css additional web pages

Design Support

  • Website design , development of static or animated banners
  • Redesign , periodic updating of the web interface, change and completion of the design – giving graphics inspired by different parties, the change in seasons
  • Services in support of the photographer (optional and agreed individually)
  • Streamline design, web site pages for the main browsers and screen resolutions (the validity and cross-browser layout), adaptive coding

Development and support, programming and layout of the website

  • Support for the corporate site and programming HTML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Modernization projects, the development of the site
  • Update user services, maintenance and support of any control system

Support and promotion

The term support and search engine optimization is a complex set of services that includes:

During the optimization a webmaster conducts a technical audit and analysis of indexing by search engines. According to the analysis and testing to make the necessary changes in the structure and contents of the web resource.

SEO support of the Website

  • Technical support and adjustment of the reference site mass needed to achieve or maintain the achieved high positions the results of search engines. The essence of the service is to regulate the frequency of use of different keywords and combinations of site
  • Correction and update texts promoted web pages to make them unique and to increase the density of the main selling requests
  • Advice and support of the solution of various problems of a systemic nature that are associated with the actions of search engines – dropping pages from the list of ranking of search engines due to errors, problems of hosting the site, hit by the filter or ban the issuance of too active actions of competitors
  • Regulation of negative reference environment, support is needed for exclusion of a number of negative factors affecting the final result
  • Maintenance and regular analysis of the site and the current situation around the web resource without monitoring does not see the whole situation in the dynamics, the results of monitoring data takes adequate response to the situation
  • Revision of the list of sites for linking, as continually changing algorithms of search engines, when performing this work are removed broken links

Such work as promotion and technical debugging support web site, ie maintenance and improvement of the promotion, should be done all the time you need to maintain and increase sales.

The importance of technical support (website maintenance) is difficult to overestimate, since it is because of the webmasters (technical professionals) your website is found in reliable and trouble-free operation. Consider hiring a webmaster to maintain your Internet resource if you have not done so.

As a webmaster, I provide a complete analysis, recommendations and maintenance of the website for my clients at very competitive prices. Please call to schedule your free consultation or simply  Contact Me  by submitting your inquiry online.