Chicken Steer Mix with Rice and Vegetables


I wouldn’t consider this chicken steer mix the healthiest of ones I cooked, but boy, it tastes delicious. So, today you will learn step-by-step how to cook chicken steer mix with rice and vegetables. Give it a try and let me know how it went.

2.5lbs of healthy 100% natural chicken breasts
6oz of mini carrots
2 onions
3 green peppers
1 box of whole mushrooms
6 mini tomatoes
8 green onions
1 packet (12oz) of broccoli slaw
2 (x10oz) of Cream of chicken in can
1 (1lb) light sour cream
2.5lbs of frozen mixed vegetables
1 garlic head (or 7-8 chives)
2 cups of white or brown rice
spices (salt, pepper, etc)

b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0000vegetables and chicken for chicken stir fry Get all your ingredients washed and ready to be cut. When shopping make sure to take your shopping list of ALL ingredients you need for this meal.
Get chicken ready. Usually one 2.5lbs box of healthy chicken (100% natural) is enough for the baking tray.  b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0001
 b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0002 Cut your chicken into small cubes.
Get your favorite spices and spread them generously over the chicken. Dont be afraid to put as much as you can, since the taste of the chicken will be determined by how much spices you put on the chicken initially.  b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0005
b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0006 Cut green pepper into small cubes.
Remember to buy small carrots. Or you can buy regular carrots and cut them into small rings. b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0007
b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0008 Start frying chicken. Once it gets a little brown, then add carrots
Carrots need to cook for about 20 min, so they are just right consistency by the end of cooking of this chicken steer mix. b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0009
b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0010 Shread your salad leaves.
Cut onions and other vegetables b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0011
b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0012 After carrots have been slightly cooked, add green pepper and cut onions.
Put into separate containers cut tomatoes, slaw, salad and cut green onions. b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0013
b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0014 I like slaw.
Remember to not overcook vegetables. Cut mushrooms or if you like, you can put leave mushrooms uncut. I like it that way, more flavour when they are cooked. b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0015
b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0016 Put into separate containers cut tomatoes, slaw, salad and cut green onions. This will go as a side dish for your rice and chicken. See below…
Add mushrooms after 5-10 mintues of cooking of all vegetables in the frying pan. b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0017
b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0018 You dont have to add cream of chicken. To benefit from a healthy version of this meal, Light Sour Cream is sufficient. It adds some sour savour to the entire meal. Yumm.
Once cream and chicken are added, steer very well. b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0019
b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0020 I used only a half of the frozen vegetables mix.
Add frozen vegetables right after you added cream of chicken and sour cream. b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0021
b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0022 Reduce the range heat. Everything has to cook to the end on low heat range.
Get your garlic. I love garlic –  a lot of goodness is in it. b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0023
b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0024 Add garlic to your steer mix.
While everything is cooking, cook rice (approx 40min). b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0025
b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0026 Place your meal together
The plate should look like this. Yummmmmm. b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0027
b2ap3 thumbnail chicken-steer-fry-vegetables-0028 And of course, enjoy the benefits of your labor.

Buon Appetite!