Vitaly’s Healthy Chicken Soup


I like to create recipes. Vitaly’s Healthy Chicken Soup was first created by imagining which ingredients will work together best. Combining years of cooking experience, creativity, ingredients and correct spices, I have made a perfect Low-calorie chicken soup for your family. Try it and let me know what you think about it.

Small Bag of Baby potatoes
2lbs of healthy 100% natural chicken breasts
half bag of baby carrots
4 middle carrots
2 onions
3 green peppers
1 bag of green onions
16 oz of yummy mushrooms
spices (salt, pepper, etc)
half of lemon (or lemon juice)

soup pot Make sure you have a good size pot. I dont remember the size of the pot I have at home, but it is pretty decent size and I can feed 10 people easily with one cook off.

Fill the pot with water (half way only)

Cut your healthy chicken into small cubes and put them in cold water. Remember, to never put any meet in hot water. I will post my tips about cooking in my Tips section.  chicken for borsch
 Maggi spices for borsch Maggi or Knorr is one of my secret ingredients I use to add some nice taste to my meals. So, first, add Salt in hot water. One handful of salt is enough. Then add one cup of Maggi. Pepper should be added at the end of the cooking to preserve spiciness.
Cut your potatoes and wash them. I always select healthy potatoes. Red potatoes are much healthier than regular white potatoes. As you have also noticed, I dont pill off the skin. Leave it, as skin has a lot of healthy nutrients.

For this recipe I used small baby potatoes that can be found at Walmart

red potatoes for borsch
 Vitaly Chicken Soup Boiling Make sure to reduce the heat while chicken is cooking. Also to keep all nutrients inside of the pot, you will need to cover the pot with the lid.
 Cut two onions in small squares  b2ap3_thumbnail_CIMG4136.JPG
 b2ap3_thumbnail_CIMG4137.JPG  Wash and cut your mushrooms
Cut the rest of your ingredients. Regardless of the onions I have already added, I like to make soup look more summery, so I added green onions as well. b2ap3_thumbnail_CIMG4139.JPG
b2ap3_thumbnail_CIMG4140.JPG  Your green bell pepper has to be cut the same way your onions are cut
 After 10-15 min of Chicken boiling, start adding your potatoes  b2ap3_thumbnail_CIMG4141.JPG
vegetables for borsch After you added and cut all your vegetables (I used baby carrots for this soup, but you can also use regular carrots and put them through cheese grader), in about 10 min after soup started boiling again, add the remainder of your ingridients into the pot
 After another 15 minutes of cooking, add your cut mushrooms and spices. I like to add mushrooms at the end to preserve their crunchiness. b2ap3_thumbnail_CIMG4142.JPG
 b2ap3_thumbnail_CIMG4143.JPG Serve your soup. Whatever is left, you can spread in your lunch containers which could serve entire week of lunches for your entire family.

Enjoy your meal!