Ukrainian Borscht – Healthy Version Vitaly’s Edition


Since you all know by now, that sometimes the way traditional Ukrainian food is unhealthy by the way it is cooked. So, today you will learn step-by-step how Ukrainian Borsch (or so called beet root soup) can be cooked a healthy way. Give it a try and let me know how it went.

6 potatoes
2lbs of healthy 100% natural chicken breasts
1/2 head of cabbage
4 middle carrots
1 onion
2 green peppers
2 beet heads
5 chives of garlic
spices (salt, pepper, etc)
half of lemon (or lemon juice)
1 small can of tomato sauce

borsch pot

Make sure you have a good size pot. I dont remember the size of the pot I have at home, but it is pretty decent size and I can feed 10 people easily with one cook off.

Fill the pot with water (half way only)

cooking beets for borschFirst and foremost, before adding anything into the pot, you already have to have your pot with beets cooking, because it takes almost 30-40 min before beets are done.
chicken for borsch
Cut your healthy chicken into small cubes and put them in cold water. Remember, to never put any meet in hot water. I will post my tips about cooking in my Tips section.
Maggi spices for borschMaggi is one of my secret ingredients I use to add some nice taste to my meals. So, first, add Salt in hot water. One halndful of salt is enough. Then add one cup of Maggi. Pepper should be added at the end of the cooking to preserve spiciness.
red potatoes for borschCut your potatoes and wash them. I always select healthy potatoes. Red potatoes are much healthier than regular white potatoes. As you have also noticed, I dont pill off the skin. Leave it, as skin has a lot of healthy nutrients.
red cabbage for borschCut your cabbage (half head only). If you dont know what to do with the other head, I will post my salad recipe later, which also includes cabbage. BTW, you can use regular white head as well. I just decided to try something new with red headed cabbage.
cabbage in borsch
Once meet started boiling, add your cabbage and let it cook for 5-10  min.
potatoes in borschDump potatoes into the boiling water
vegetables for borsch
While potatoes are cooking, start cutting other vegetables. Always be generous.
cut vegetables for borschOnce all other vegetables are cut, you need to wait for another 5 min of cooking of cabbage and potatoes. After that add your vegetables into the boiling water.
cooked beets for borsch
When beets are cooked (you can check it in 30 min by poking through the beet with a fork or a knife. If you can easily penetrate the beets, that means that they are cooked), then put them under cold water.
cooked beetsOnce beets are cooled, be ready to shred them. Make sure that they are cold enough so you dont burn yourself.
beet leaves
Most of the people dont realize how much goodness is in beets long stemps. You need to cut them up and use them also. You can put them straight in the pot once you cut them.
tomato sauce for borschAdd tomato sauce and spices at the end of your cooking (approx 40 min)
Lemon in borsch
Squeeze a half of lemon (I used to add two table spoons of vinegar, in case you don’t have lemon). Vinegar, lemon, tomato sauce, preserve the color of Borsch.
garlic for borschPrepare 5 chives of garlic (pill their skin off)

finished borsch

Add graded beets, garlic and spices (if needed) to borscht and stir it up. Turn off the range, cover with lid, and let it sit for a little while. In about 10 minutes, you can serve it. Most of the Ukrainians eat it with sour cream and bread. You decide.

When I finished eating and borscht is cool enough to put in the refrigerator, pour it into your lunch containers. You will have approximately a week of lunches ready for your enjoyment.

Boun Appetite!