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I have started to publish three research papers: “Examination of IPv6” (which is already in use), “Conducting Surveys on Mobile Devices using .NET environment” (my old school project that can be easily implemented with new technologies for .NET based devices), and “Transliteration”(great paper for those that are interested in differences between Translation, Transliteration and Transposition to and from Russian and Ukrainian language)

Notes on Chapter 7 from Leading Out Loud Book

“The leader who is formulating and advocating change is like Oscar Wilde’s visionary: “A dreamer….one who can find his way by moonlight, and see...

Notes on Chapter 5 from Leading Out Loud Book

“Clarity and strength of purpose help establish competence, and compel others to engage. They do not commit you to inflexibility but do establish your...

Notes on Chapter 4 from Leading Out Loud Book

“Authentic communication is a continual dance between the heart and the mind, and between you and those with whom you communicate.”…”As you are passionate,...

Notes on Chapter 3 from Leading Out Loud Book

“…the task of the leader: to edit the story of the organization, to change the ending, to infuse a new plot line into a...

Notes on Chapter 1 from Leading Out Loud Book

“Who are you?”… “I am a free man!” (Pearce & Komisar, 2013, p. 11) People often take what they have for granted, forgetting that some...

Religion, Conflicts and Crimes

Since there are talks about religion and why people kill in the name of religion, I thought it would be beneficial to some to...