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Vitaly Kirkpatrick's Original Recipes

I love cooking, especially always creating something new and healthy. With the culinary arts diploma and a few years experience working as a chef in Ukraine, combining my cooking skills and yummy low-calorie ideas I love to share my dinner table with my guests. While you are browsing this section, you will find out that it is not that complicated to make those healthy recipes yourselves. Give it a try.

Low Calorie Chicken Soup in 30 minutes by Vitaly

Many of us dont find time to cook something healthy at home. Instead, we go to fast food chains such as McDonald's or Arby's....

Vitaly’s Healthy Chicken Soup

I like to create recipes. Vitaly's Healthy Chicken Soup was first created by imagining which ingredients will work together best. Combining years of cooking...

Healthy Slow Cooker Chicken Mushroom Stew

If you have gotten your slow cooker that hasn't been used for awhile, it is time to start using it, because it is not...

Vitaly’s Healthy Baked Chicken with Mushrooms

As you may already know, I love to cook. Cooking baked chicken is art as well, since you must get it just right, especially...

Chicken Steer Mix with Rice and Vegetables

I wouldn't consider this chicken steer mix the healthiest of ones I cooked, but boy, it tastes delicious. So, today you will learn step-by-step how...

Ukrainian Borsch (beet root soup) – Traditional Version

6 liters of water 1 medium rhead of cabbage 3 big beets (medium/big) 3 medium carrots 3 medium onions 1½ lbs. potato Little bundle of parsley ½ cup paste tomato paste 2...

Pascha or Paska (Ukrainian Easter Bread)

Although this round-shaped Easter bread is not sweet, it's richer than ordinary bread. The top is decorated by dough ornamentation in the form of...