Awakening Memories Book – Chapter “Making Money, A different Way”


I do regret one of the biggest nuisances I’ve ever made since, I’ve always was looking for the ways of how to make money, as was written about it earlier. I’ve discovered that the easiest way to do that would be not through asking people but through borrowing from my teachers. I’ve borrowed 10 rubles from one teacher’s wallet. Basically at the time when everybody was in the room, I hidden myself in the wardrobe no one knew that I’d hidden myself there. I actually knew where my teacher’s bag was. It was on the table at the door with the wallet in it. When everybody left the room, I stole the money from my teacher’s wallet. I was shaking at the time and run out of the room. I couldn’t believe that I’d done it. I didn’t know what to do with that kind of money. Ten rubles were a big money at that time. Since I didn’t know what to do with the money I’ve decided to tear on pieces and throw it away. Somehow my teacher found out that I stole the money. Once she knew it, there was no escape from punishment including a heavy beating and hitting with the wooden ruler on my fingers. I believe that even if it was a harsh way, I’ve learned how to earn money honest ways. I’ve learned that somebody is always watching you. I’ve learned that even if I think I can hide my worse actions in reality I wouldn’t be able to do that. This was the first and greatest lesson in my life about being honest with others and grateful for those things that I was given at that time in my life. From that time onward, I’ve only received things from other people, but I had to ask for it. Actually, I wasn’t afraid of asking for things, because I knew, that if I asked I would receive.

Some people in Ukraine may think that if you are coming out of the orphanage you are a drug addict, an alcoholic, or a robber or something similar to all of this. Partially, I will agree with those people. I’ve met my peers from the orphanage that have been in prison, lost everything through drinking and crimes; but on the other hand, I’ve met people who had done well in their lives after graduating from the orphanage school. There can be an explanation about orphans that haven’t done so well with their lives. The poverty, the disrespect of the people from the outside world, the lack of the communication between them and good people, who could guide them through their lives, just as if they were your parents. All of this contributed to the life situation that almost 40% of the teens ended in upon the graduation from the orphanage school. I feel sorry for those teens that come out of the school, because there is nowhere to go. I feel sorry for them, because they don’t have any real world lessons. I feel sorry for them because there are not many good people that would be willing to help them. But I wish that their lives would have been different just as many lives of other good families. I still wonder if they had been given good lives with their families, those teens would learn respect, hard work, and to not take things for granted. I wonder if those orphans were placed with the families if they would look, dress, speak, and act differently as our society expects them to act now? But, I wish that they had been placed with families, so they would learn things from around the world and about the world that their parents would teach them. But I wish that they had this opportunity maybe to show the world that they are not that much different from regular people. But I wish that people wouldn’t have the stereotype that orphans are the ones that need help and guidance because this is something they haven’t been taught in the orphanage.