About Vitaly Kirkpatrick

Vitaly Kirkpatrick
Vitaly Kirkpatrick 17 years old

I can be sweet,
I can be mean,
I can see things, and say what I mean,
I can pretend but deep within me
I’m always Vitaly, and always have been.

About Me, Vitaly Kirkpatrick

Originally I am from Ukraine. Came to the US in 2005. I live in Utah.

In 2009, I graduated from Utah Valley University, as an computer science major. I worked for an x-ray company as an Engineer for almost 9 years. Currently pursuing my MBA degree from the University of Utah (2016 Candidate) and work at FOSS North America.

Outside of work, I like swimming, traveling, movies, spend time with my friends and listening to music. I am a personable, dynamic and earnest.

So far I’ve travelled to Ukraine, Russia, Portugal, England, Croatia, USA (California, Chicago, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and a few other states). My curiosity does not stop there, so I continue traveling for work and pleasure.

I am well organized and clean and when while visiting other places I keep that way.

So here is a brief summary about my life in chronological order:

  • Born November 8, in Chernivtsi, Ukraine
  • Grew up in an orphanage (didnt have parents)
  • Since the age of 18, started to live on my own
  • May 1996: Graduated High School
  • June 1998: Graduated Culinary Technical School in Ukraine (worked as a Chef at the restaurant for 3 years)
  • June 2003: Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering in Ukraine
  • 2002-2004: Served Mormon Mission in England London
  • 2005: Came to the United States with $1 in my pocket
  • May 2009: Graduated with Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Since August 2006: Started working full time as an Applications/Sales Engineer for an X-ray Company
  • Currently working on my autobiography book “Awakening Memories”.

Work Related Expirience

I am a business owner of Vital Webmaster, LLC company which is an Utah based web design and development company. It offers Web-related and creative arts services to businesses and individuals in the United States. Its service portfolio includes website design, graphics design, print media design, web development, ecommerce, blog development, search engine optimization etc. Vital Webmaster, LLC is a sole proprietorship, owned by me, Vitaly Kirkpatrick. I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Utah Valley University, located in Orem, Utah. I have been providing webmaster services for my clients for over 7 years which has built my extensive experience and a great portfolio in the professional development of websites. And I am ready to make a real, truly working website or blog for your business. To create a project, I use the most advanced technologies and techniques, combining creativity and usability. The level of the site will match the level of your company. I have been a professional Web developer and have been assisting others to learn Web Design, HTML, CSS, and XML since 2005. I have worked with nearly every Web technology including CMS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, C#, JavaScript, Java, jQuery etc. The main task of the design of any website is to gain the visitor’s trust in your company and trust in the quality of its goods and services, while maintaining corporate identity, corporate culture and the company’s positioning in the market. Web site design and its very construction combines a variety of nuances that need to be taken into account. I observe the artistic value and elegance of graphic design and take into account the user-friendliness of the future site for search engines. I carefully listen to your needs and incorporate them into your design. Examples of my design work you can be seen in my “Creative Utah Web Design Portfolio“.

Favorite Quotes

Life is Beautiful! Enjoy every moment of it! Share it with your friends! Appreciate things you have in life and not what you lack in life!
Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. – Marie Curie, physicist and winner of the Nobel Prize for physics (1903) and chemistry (1911)
I am perfect in my imperfections, secure in my insecurities, happy in my pain, strong in my weakness, I am myself.
Sometimes in life there really are bonds formed that can never be broken. Sometimes you really can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what. Maybe you’ll find it in a spouse and celebrate it with your dream wedding, but theres also the chance that the one person you can count on for a lifetime, the one person who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself is the same person who’s been standing beside you all along. – Bride Wars
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. – Mark Twain
Fear rejection, want attention, crave affection, and dream of perfection.