Vitaly’s Recommendation Letters for the MBA Program (Samples)


Each person who is trying to get into the MBA program will need a couple of recommendations letters from either co-workers or anyone academics. I’ve decided to post 3 sample recommendations letters that I provided to the Graduate Admissions Office to consider for the MBA program.

Here are those sample recommendations letters:

MBA Recommendation Letter #1:

Dear Graduate Admissions Office:

I would like to recommend Vitaly Kirkpatrick for admission into the University of Utah MBA Program.  I have known Vitaliy both personally and professionally for more than 5 years.

Vitaliy has worked for Moxtek for the past 8 years and during this time he has continued to hold positions of increasing responsibility. He has overseen our sales growth in the Russian and Ukrainian market by more than 120% percent in the past three years.  Prior to that, he helped in negotiations with our Ukrainian suppliers which saved Moxtek more than $500,000 in annual operating expenses.

Vitaliy is deadline oriented person, independent and customer focused strategist. Vitaliy has an in-depth understanding of modern IT technologies, X-ray technologies, and Sales techniques. I would recommend Vitaliy to any employer seeking for a good team leader.

Furthermore, Vitaliy can definitely be described as a “people person”. He has a natural talent to inspire and motivate other employees and demonstrates a very positive can-do attitude, no matter how difficult a challenge may be.

I have found him to be a very quick study, ambitious leader and terrific team player.  And it is my belief these qualities would make him an outstanding student for your program.

If you have any questions about Vitaliy, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (555) 555-5555.


Dr. Kris Kozaczek

MBA Recommendation Letter #2:

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to serve as my formal recommendation for Vitaly Kirkpatrick. I have been working with Vitaliy for a couple of years, and have been his supervisor for the last year. He has been interested in obtaining an MBA degree for some time now and I feel that he would be an excellent candidate for your program.

Vitaliy has been assigned to a number of critical projects where he has had to learn new technologies and come up to speed quickly. He has performed well. I have witness his growth in understanding core technologies and building customer relationships. When I joined the Marketing team in 2012, Vitaliy kindly helped me to understand the processes, procedures and business quickly. He works well in our team as well as individually. He took lead in identifying and solving technical problems with Moxtek’s website and finding new opportunities in Eastern Europe.

His motivation, persistence and leadership skills have helped greatly with sales and negotiations in Eastern Europe. Because of this, Vitaliy was able to add to an additional $1 million in sales and manufacturing cost savings. His multiple language skills have also been critical in developing customers and suppliers in Eastern Europe.

I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Vitaliy, and sincerely believe he will bring his unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to your class and classroom.  If you have any questions about this recommendation or my endorsement of Vitaliy, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards and best wished for a successful MBA class.


Steve Wilson

Global Sales Manager- Moxtek X-ray

MBA Recommendation Letter #3:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Vitaly Kirkpatrick for admission into the University of Utah MBA Program.

As the company’s Supply Chain Manager, I have had the pleasure of traveling with Vitaliy on several occasions to meet critical suppliers in the Ukraine and Russia. He meets challenges with enthusiasm and is highly motivated to achieve positive results using his excellent communication skills.  During 5 years I have worked with Vitaliy at Moxtek, it is my opinion that he consistently demonstrates all of the above qualities and more. In his current role as Sales Engineer, he is effective and has great follow-up skills. His demeanor is always professional and is a good technical representative of Moxtek with unique language skills that product knowledge of the products that the Supply Chain group is purchasing for the company.

Vitaliy is reliable, dedicated and he amazes me with his ability to connect on cultural and technical levels with Moxtek supplier’s; his command of the language helped us open new opportunities for cost reductions, quality improvements and assists us with a consistent source of supply of critical products to Moxtek.

Vitaliy has a team player mind-set, enthusiastic embrace of change, ability to work with minimal direction on Supplier negotiations. Many of his co-workers in different departments seek his advice and support. I feel his professional skills, reputation, personality and leadership abilities will become even more effective in a business school setting.

For these reasons, I recommend Vitaly Kirkpatrick as a great candidate in the Professional MBA program. If you have any questions regarding Vitaliy or this recommendation, please contact me.


Melinda Florio