Vitaly’s MBA Essay for the MBA Program Admissions

Vitaly Kirkpatrick MBA Admissions Essay
Vitaly Kirkpatrick MBA Admissions Essay

Since I am applying for the MBA program for Fall 2014, I’ve decided to post the essay that I will be submitting with my admissions documents. Here is my first essay I wrote. The second essay is more of a personal (additional) essay that I will post a little bit later.

This essay is used as a sample MBA essay. The actual essay may slightly be different.

Here are the requirements for the essay:

Please write a one page essay responding to the following topics.

  • Explain your decision and motivation for applying to the MBA program
  • Why you feel you are a strong candidate for the MBA program
  • How will getting an MBA influence your career intentions

The essay is to be single-spaced, typed, and may not exceed one page.

OPTIONAL ESSAY: What other information about you is important in considering your application? (If a GPA is below a 3.0, the David Eccles School of Business must appeal to the University of Utah on behalf of the applicant. These applicants are strongly encouraged to address their GPAs in this essay)

Here it is:

MBA Essay

My last few years have been academically and professionally very enriching. During my undergraduate studies, at Yuriy Fedkovych National University in Ukraine and Utah Valley University, I developed excellent analytical skills and improved my problem solving abilities. Four years ago, without any business or management background, I was afraid to take on new responsibilities that required management skills. However, my desire to maintain high levels of excellence, grow professionally, widen my horizon and outlook have always pointed me to a goal to enhance my career success.

While working at Moxtek as a Sales Engineer, I learned that using my intuition and personality is not enough to interact with customers. And I cannot ‘muscle’ my way through the activities that require team coordination and close interactions with different departments on a daily basis. To equip myself with business insights, knowledge, leadership and interpersonal skills, I consider the University of Utah MBA program the most essential component of pursuit of successful business career.

My experience at Moxtek has taught me how to interact with clients using strong technical and interpersonal skills. My language skills, cultural understanding, and technical experience has helped the company to achieve its targets. Apart from my academics my professional experiences have cultivated a lot of who I am.

I feel I am a very strong candidate for your MBA because:

  • My background and experience in doing International business will add an interesting component and dimension to the educational experience of other students and to the overall educational experience in your program.
  • I possess leadership and innovative qualities that characterize my personality, which is very helpful in pursuing MBA. I showed innovative characteristics in solving problems opening up the Ukrainian and Russian markets for Moxtek. I believe I blend individuality and conformity in a way that is different from everyone else.
  • I am determined to grow and develop. And, as I grow and develop, I will apply my leadership skills to teach, motivate, and strengthen others that are less fortunate than me, especially those that are in my home country, Ukraine.

In retrospect, I view my experience in engineering and computer science, as a solid basis for completing my short-term goal of becoming a successful Product Manager. And my long-term goal is to move up to a senior management level in an International organization or to be an entrepreneur in medicine, information technology, or analytical industry. I will require a strong management understanding which the MBA degree is a requisite. At Moxtek, I realized the global business scenario much better when I assisted in finding new sales opportunities in Eastern Europe. I have performed above and beyond my duties and responsibilities in accordance with company’s expectations.  I have shaped my career according to my goals through my certifications and experiences.

To succeed in this challenging and globalized world, I need to be independent and know when and how to apply my potential. And I believe that the University of Utah provides its students freedom of thought and gives them the platform to improve their caliber. The mix of cultures, backgrounds and experiences on its campus will give me the confidence to face the business world and build my network worldwide.