Vitaly Kirkpatrick Personal Ethics Statement

During my MBA studies, I had a Business Ethics class. The professor was a true ethicist and encouraged us to be ethical in personal and business life. To formalize what we have learned, he asked us to prepare a personal ethics statement at the end of the semester. So, without further a due, go ahead and read “Vitaly Kirkpatrick Personal Ethics Statement“.

Chekhov once said: “Well-mannered people show respect for any individual, and as such are invariably gracious, gentle, compliant… They show compassion not only towards the poor, the sick and cats.  Their soul feels acute over things that are not immediately apparent… They respect another’s the property and always pay up their debts. They are honest and recoil from all lies… Everything about the man should be beautiful: the face, the clothes, the soul and the thoughts”.   (Uncle Vanya, Anton Chekhov, 1896 – Eldritch Press Act 2, page 138).

Many things affect me in this world: external factors, information, relationships with others, and my habits. When I manage myself and my habits and tweak my actions at the stage of thinking, then I learn how to live in accordance with the true desires of my heart and everything about me becomes beautiful.

Nothing in life happens on its own. It needs action. Those actions are shaped by the knowledge that consciously changes me. Actions are the key measure of my persona, which affects my professional and public life. My actions reflect who I am. This reality is the backbone of my ethical caliber. One of the easiest and most effective ways that I can dramatically change is to establish clear rules of personal behavior (my Code of Conduct) that I must abide by, and I list them below.

I grew up without parents who could give me any kind of guidance or support. So, a lot of my personal ethics involve self-reliance, hard work, and excellence in everything I do. Therefore, I have a strong moral and ethical foundation. My foundation gives me a basis for further development. After all, as the saying goes, the sky is the limit. So I never stop there. I always strive to learn as much as possible. I have passion and aspirations and work hard to achieve everything I aspire for in life. I do not do anything that adversely impacts society, family, or friends.

My politeness and respect come naturally. I am polite in my communications and carefully think of what I am going to say before I say it. I always tell the truth, even if it is bitter for me. However, saying aloud what offends others is contrary to my ethics, except when my statements of necessity are dictated by the principles of truth, yet crafted to be non-offensive. I attempt to be transparent, true, and fair in my daily affairs and decisions I make under any circumstances and for everyone I deal with.

I am self-confident. I believe in myself and recognize my strengths and weaknesses. I am not afraid to make mistakes. I work on my weaknesses to become my strengths. I recognize that making mistakes is human. But I also recognize that making mistakes opens a door to correct them and not repeat them. I learn from my mistakes and understand that I will forget my mistake if it leads to the positive execution of my promise. I do not laugh at anyone’s dreams, even if they do not understand. I dream of personal dreams, too and say “Why not?” Nothing can be achieved without showing determination. I am persistent in my life and encourage others by example.

I always do what I promised to do and honor the aforesaid commitments all the time without any failure. If I cannot fulfill a promise, I admit to it and communicate my inabilities to fulfill it. I accomplish purposeful and moral responsibilities. I am accountable for all the activities I do.

Happiness is not possible without good health, and good health is impossible without a healthy appetite. The relationship of my mind and body is so delicate that damage to one of them inevitably affects my whole person. I know and am serious about my health. I eat every meal for my health rather than to please my taste, although I enjoy good tastes that are healthy.

I do not use someone else’s helplessness or ignorance and do not allow others to use me. I will not change myself or my ethical values to compromise my beliefs and moral standards. I avoid situations where my personal code of ethics may be compromised. I treat others as I want to be treated.

I am aware of and watch my habits. I get rid of the bad ones and focus on the good ones. My habits become my destiny. So, I let my destiny be built on my good habits and actions.

I remember that personal etiquette and good manners open doors that cannot be opened otherwise. Everything about me must be beautiful. I maintain personal integrity, accept responsibility, achieve goals, love people, and detect excellence. I always remember that a strong moral character is born from the attempts to do what is right and follow a personal code of conduct naturally of my own will.