The Challenge – Part 2


Please read the The Challenge Part 1 prior to this reading.

You realize that some of those you helped, became their own athletes and experts in dealing with challenges. Even though, now you know that others may help you to fight till the end to achieve the only true perfection, your own ego and lack of humility become another challenge, and therefore, and obstacle that is not so easy to remove. You thought you knew how to deal with those obstacles but you know that you have never learned how to take those challenges and deal with them. It is like your own ego within your ego that is so hard to deal with.

Then you are taking a few more steps further back and look again on the entire life that you’ve lived and you realize that when you first took those steps to let the letters of life live in you, then you were only a child, and that you were so naive, but yet, willing to learn and grow. There it was that “Aha” moment that fills your joyous life. There it is, this is what you need to do, become that child again and be willing to learn from others, because you don’t know yet, but only trying to understand the principles of life that others teach you. You are starting to learn life’s alphabet. The alphabet that eventually defines your life, and ultimately, yourself. Each letter in the alphabet becomes a challenge and transforms to true you. You are no longer afraid, because you grow, just the way you helped others to grow. You no longer understand, but you know that steps you have taken in the past have helped you to succeed today. And it is because you let others to take care of you. Because you let other good people, just like you, into your life.

You didn’t know that your way would work, but it turned out it worked, because you trusted yourself. And because of your trust, you are now ready to take a few steps forward. Forward into the present, that moment where you took a few steps back to look into your life’s past with your mature eyes.

Now you are ready, at least, as you have always been in the eyes of others, those that you’ve helped along on your journey to perfection, as you defined it long ago to yourself. You are ready to achieve a true happiness, because you knew all this way, that you were not alone. You trusted and therefore, succeeded. You became once again, victorious in your eyes and the eyes of others who helped you along.

Even though you’ve reached your happiness, you don’t stop there; you continue to accept the life’s challenges as you started long time ago. You continue to learn and build more knowledge that adds to your life’s experiences in dealing with the life’s challenges. You continue to teach others and help others to achieve their own happiness by example and words, your own words of wisdom that transpired from the challenges presented by life.

But because of the highest standard of happiness that you set for others the others start asking them if they are happy too. You continue to teach them. You become something important for them. You become a part of their lives that need to be also shaped up. And you know it, and they know it. However, they are eager to learn from you, because by looking at you they see something greater. They see that there is something in their lives that is missing. You teach them how you took a few steps back to look into the live with different eyes. But though they trust you, they have fear in their hearts. Perhaps, the fear that was placed by life’s long experiences. Perhaps, the fear that they received by the lack of knowledge, because of the imperfection. In their eyes, you are perfect, but they don’t dare to be as perfect as you are. They are afraid that if they try to shape themselves to the athletic shape as you are in, they will miss something important, and that important part is you. You, which once taught them the perfection lessons. You, who became so perfect in their eyes. And their fear, of being just as you are, drowns them down. Drowns them down into the depths of fear. But you, as one that has been shaped by life, don’t want this to happen. You don’t know yet what to do. You are just standing outside and observing, learning and trying to understand, what direction to give those that are so close to you. You are their teacher in the sense of experiences that you have gained over the years.

They fear to lose you. But you are not saying anything to them. You are just standing on the side and observing. You are observing how their fears of becoming just as you are, so perfect in their eyes, drowning down. While you are standing and observing the changes in their lives, you are trying to hear what they are trying to tell you. But you already know what they are trying to say, because you have grown through similar experiences in the past. And, you are continuing to grow.

Because you already know that if you stop your growth, then the sorrow may sneak in, the fear may drown your life down to the bottom of rusty sorrow river. You just don’t let it happen. And you also don’t let others to drown you down anymore, because of the lack of the knowledge that they have.

As you continue to observe, others continue to look up to you. Though they are afraid, they still can see that whatever challenge they are afraid of to take upon themselves, that you have already gone through it. You have already dealt with it. Just simply because you let the life to challenge you. You let each challenge to shape you and to make you become who you are for them today.

As you continue to observe, you see that someone close to you is beginning to change as well. But that someone does not know it yet, because that someone has not yet lived through the challenge as you did, but have taken only the first baby steps. For you, with the life’s experiences, you see that the person, that is so dear to you, has taken another life’s challenge upon himself. You don’t say a word. You continue to observe. You continue to grow through your own life’s challenges as they come along in your life. You continue to shape the happiness as you understand it. You don’t divert from the path that you have chosen and don’t give up, because you know, that with each challenge that you master, you get better. And as you get better, each time, you set a new standard for others. You just don’t want to become a victim to your life’s challenge and you are continuing to learn. The learning process is a lifelong process. Actually, you let the life teach you. You are humble and naive again, and yet, very experienced.

Your experience is reflected on lives of others. And you know it, because as you are standing and observing the change that is occurring in others, you recognize the weaknesses you had to deal with in your life time. The change slowly crawls into the lives of others. But you remain calm, and yet, happy within.

Everything that is occurring in your life, adds up to overall happiness that you have achieved so far and continuing to achieve.

That “Aha” moment is no longer there in the lives of others, because they others know, that once you took a few steps back and asked them for help, they were always there for you and shaped you. The fear that was there and that caused to slow down with their progressing has disappeared suddenly. They realized that they had to let it go.

This obstacle of becoming as perfect as you is and as happy as you are, had to be removed. They eventually realized that by removing that obstacle, they eventually could become something that some describe as “happy”. You, and only you, help them to realize, that no matter what challenges you face in life, they can and should be overcome. You helped them to realize that in this world it is impossible to achieve the perfection in happiness on their own.

So, those people, for whom you have been an example, became very attracted to you. They can feel it and they know it, that you and only you are someone they would want to spend their lives with. Of course, you like the idea, because you already know that you are an example for them, but you don’t want that idea to be true. You don’t want that idea to become the reality, because you realize that the challenges of others, may also cause you to keep going back into your own past and will slow down your progression. But you have the desire to progress and you are faced yet with another challenge. The challenge, that you are afraid to take upon yourself. And this challenge is to not let other’s challenges to become your own.

At this time you, the future owner of the challenge, are deciding whether this new challenge will make the difference in your life and how it will affect the lives of others. You’re struggling at this point. Now you become afraid, because you realize that by taking on this challenge it could potentially affect the growth of those who look up to you. You have already learned it from the past and how you have dealt with this fear in the past. So, you are repeating the process once again. You are taking a few steps back from your comfort zone and let your observations tell you what is right to do for you at this time. Now you look a few steps back once again. Those are important steps, because in some indirect way, they make you vulnerable. They make you once again imperfect in the eyes of others and yet, humble life a child who is willing to learn once again. You are happy in your own way, because you know, that the happiness does not always mean your perfection in the eyes of others. It means your own perfection in your own way. So, you become again teachable by others. And as others continue to teach you, they become shaped to perfection in their own way.

Their eyes become wide open and now they see the things you see. They see that you see their own perfection that leads to their own happiness. “Yes”, you exclaim, “I see now!” And, only you know what you see. You see that by allowing taking upon yourself the challenge to let others lead you and teach you, they become perfect and independent. They start realizing, that it is the time for them to move forward on their own, because they know now what you know, and they can see now what you see. You let your own challenge to shape them. Even though they don’t want to let you go, they know that you must go, because this is the challenge you took upon yourself in this life.

You love this transition and yet, you become sad. Sadness is not something that can stop you now from moving on, because you know how to deal with this challenge. You take a deep breath and hold it for a little while. You realize that your heart is not beating as fast anymore. You slowly exhale. Another deep breath. And while you are holding it deep within you, you can see how much you have accomplished in your life. You see how many lives you have changed by your example. Once sad faces you saw now became the happy faces you now see, but worked hard the whole life to see. You don’t want to let your air out, because you want to keep observing your life in the past and the lives of so many that you have changed. Somewhere outside your consciousness you see how the unborn child has become happy, because you have made its parents happy. You see how you made some grandpa happy in his hospital bed, which adds a constant smile on his face, because you are that person that made this entire family happy. They once learned from you how to deal with the challenges in life. They shared their experiences with you and it constantly made you happy. You continue to look around in your moment of a sweet sleep. You see how you have affected the lives of so many, especially who were less fortunate, and didn’t know what true happiness was. But you nurtured them and inspired them. You shaped them up and showed them the path that they should have taken upon themselves, which they did. You’re the one that made sure they could walk and then later in life, run to their heights of happiness.

You exhale once again. Your thoughts are still in your sweet dream. You keep searching. The search is very intense and quick because the thought of your success come to you. They overflow the capacity you can handle at this time. You pick the ones that in some way shaped your happiness. There are so many of those beautiful thoughts. You realize that you lived your life through the eyes of others. By doing so, you allowed the others to shape you, even though you thought you were shaping them up.