The Challenge – Part 1


Life often throws the things at you that may not seem very important at the moment you live through them but you accept them in your present and keep wondering why. After you accepted those things, they shape you, tone you, and make you who you are today. You may want to try to diverge away and lead your own path to what you may call “happiness” but the true happiness may have just begun at the moment you had accepted the true life’s challenge and started moving forward with the challenge. You don’t regret the time you accepted the challenge, but you don’t know really what it is going to bring for you in your life and what impact it is going to have on others. But, understanding the principle that the life is going to throw the challenges on your path to happiness, and also submitting yourself to the challenge, you start transforming in the way you couldn’t have possibly imagined. You also become a new you, the only one that may not have seemed to be so tender, loving, carrying, and humble in the eyes of your friends, relatives and your family.

So, at that point, when the challenge has come your way, you may want to take some time to understand the true meaning of it and ask yourself the follow-up questions, hoping to find all the answers. You ponder on the challenge, digest every single letter of it and eventually let each letter of the challenge become you. The letter of the challenge will eventually be transformed into the word that may not have had the meaning at the beginning, but only when the letter of the challenge has been accepted. This word, the challenge, may not have the meaning at the beginning, but with the time, slowly, it will start transforming into something bigger. It will transform into something that starts to have some meaning for you. Something that when you open your eyes and heart, you will start seeing that something becomes a shape. A figure that is easy to see and take it into your own hands, because then you believe this is the challenge you should own. That figure, which at the beginning was just a word that eventually became the shape with some meaning.

That shape that you didn’t see and couldn’t touch at the beginning, it now has the meaning and it is getting its first breaths as a child that is taking its first steps. You were the one who gave it life, because now the challenge lives within you, a living being. Stumbling, crawling and eventually getting up and running, the child becomes an adult and start reaching its own life’s success. The breathing is getting hard as you are reaching to the heights. The shape’s breaths, which may have seemed so hard to take at the beginning have given life and a new view of the world that you thought did not exist. This new world wouldn’t have existed if you, who owned the challenge wouldn’t have let it take its first steps, therefore, wouldn’t have let it become live. But because you, who thought could not do it, you, who thought to fail, and you, who would not allow this adventure to enter your life, because of fear and limited view of the world, this new world exists. This new world wouldn’t even have begun with these few first letters that became the living world and later, the life itself and who you are today.

But you allowed a tiny change which transpired from the challenge you’ve accepted. The change that at one time of your life you will be grateful for until the day you die. But that challenge is something you will cherish and let it guide you through obstacles and turmoil. That change in your life will challenge others. It will inspire others and will give life to those who have never thought that they could do it just as you may have thought at the beginning. But because of you, who owned the challenge and accepted the change, others get inspired and are less fearful of unknown outcomes that the challenge could bring to them in the future. You, who owned the challenge will help, motivate and teach others with the power of a letter, step by step.

You will teach others on how to allow yourself alone to lead to the unreachable heights that at one point of your life seemed so distant. The distance between you and others is now connected by the power of a letter that became a living word. The heights of others are no longer unreachable because of you. Because of you, who allowed yourself to be challenge by life itself.

The strength in you grows, the understanding is no longer needed, because it became knowledge of the challenge lived through by taking small steps at first. And now, you are running without fatigue to the heights of happiness.

You first thought that you needed to be perfect to accept the challenge and you doubted that people around you will notice the change in you, but you have mistaken. Only now, after shaping yourself through your first life’s challenge and many more that came to your life afterwards, you may still not see the success that change has brought to you. But for others, that you’ve share the letter at first that helped them with their own challenges in their lives, you have been carved to the perfection. The perfection you still struggle to accept. The perfection that you are reaching the entire life and until the day you die. But for others you are the perfection, someone to lookup to, someone, to hold onto and follow, when failing with each new challenge that comes to life.

You are the one that leads others to the perfection that they may not see, but people will see it and learn from you. The only thing is worth remembering then as long as others see it in you, and how you’ve been shaped through your own challenges and became your own athlete of life, that it is you, that others lookup to . It is you that so many want to be with. It is you, who truly understands the challenges of this life and is willing to help others. It is you, who so graciously allowed yourself to submit to the challenge and let the challenge to challenge you.

You are so victorious and happy that the world view around you is transforming in front of you. The world that you thought at one point that is so impossible to live in, is viewed at different angles with fresh ideas and pure heart and completely new you. “Oh so wonderful world!” your consciousness exclaims, but your mind may not be yet completely satisfied.

You may need to take a few steps outside of that new world to see with your pure mind and heart what has been missing in your life to achieve a complete happiness. And as you take a few steps back, you realize that new challenges that came to your life, you let them affect you. Even though you thought that skipping through life and putting aside the challenges that needed your attention could not in any way affect your life, you realize that you were mistaking.

You allowed your personal ego and praises from others to become a challenge itself for yourself. The challenge that is an obstacle itself. The obstacle that could have been removed a long time ago but you let it rust under the deep waters of sorrow and sadness. Sorrow that was caused by another life’s event. Sorrow that may have been caused by the life’s event of others, someone close or distant to you.

Because your sorrow was berried so deep, it was hard for you to uncover it on your own. You even didn’t dare to ask for help, because you thought that by accepting life’s challenge you could live on your own without anyone else guiding you. But you’ve forgotten that the first letter that you let in you, and that became your life, was once someone else’s letter. It was someone else’s challenge that became someone else’s life. But you let it fly by you. You thought that you still could become what some people call “happy”. But truly inside of you, somewhere deep within your own consciousness you still remained unhappy.

This deep sorrow, that has now become your challenge may have become someone else’s sorrow too. But you don’t know it yet, because all you see is what you want to see, the new you. You see, what others see in you, and it is the perfection. You think that it is enough, but somewhere within, you need to allow yourself to take on a new challenge. You need to take care of what you couldn’t see before, by stepping out of your perfection circle of life.

You at this point are trying to understand what’s happening to you. And the more time you take to understand your sorrow, you don’t want to give up. All you want to do is to improve your life, but you don’t yet realize that it is dragging you deep down within your own sorrow. Even though you are drowning deep, you are starting to realize that others, who you so dearly served and whose lives you changed, may help you with this, yet another challenge that life has presented and that you didn’t dare to take care of a long time ago.