Selling your Timeshare – Watch out for Fraud


If you own or have owned your timeshare, you may have been contacted by certain companies (for example: which is not currently in service for some reasons)  that promised to sell your timeshare, but you had to pay them upfront some kind of marketing fee. I have been fooled once and am not going to be fooled again. So, if you are contacted by any of those services, try to do your due diligence and find out more about the people that you are plannning to do business with. I found out that the company that contacted me in the past trying to sell my timeshare was fraud and I emailed them the following letter (the company name was Great West Funding):

Dear Sirs,

Please review and reply to my concerns I have and then I will consider selling my property. I need your answers in writing, that’s why I am emailing you.

In doing my due diligence to sell my timeshare condo through Great West Funding, I have uncovered several issues that pretty much confirm that you are a fraudulent organization:

Elliot Robinson is listed as the owner of Great West Funding, and although his name shows up on records at the Arizona Corporation Commission, he does not show up as an officer nor a director on any of the Arizona Secretary of State Corporation documents filed by GFW.

However, a Gerald Pitts is listed as Corporation secretary. Mr. Pitts’ address in Wyoming also shows up as the corporate address for 2000 corporations – a little suspicious.

Your address in Phoenix shows up on the website which provides virtual corporate office locations. At least 2 other companies share your exact office address, including suite number.

Your web domain was purchased only a couple of months ago although you claim to have been in business since 2008. Very suspicious.
Leslie Smith
6102 NW 36th St
Miami, Florida 33166
United States

Registered through:, LLC (
Created on: 29-Dec-11
Expires on: 29-Dec-12
Last Updated on: 29-Dec-11

Your web site doesn’t have any way for potential timeshare buyers to contact you, so I don’t know how you provide your buy/sell service.

From timeshare fraud websites, there are over 50 people asking questions about your services in the past 2 weeks, specifically are you a fraud and why should anyone pay fees up front?

The GWF “buyer” for my timeshare is supposedly willing to pay $13,750 even though it has been offered for sale for a year and a half through eBay in the past for $6,600 (that seems a little foolish) with no takers.

GWF does not have a real estate license even though their business appears exactly like a real estate office.

You don’t seem to want to give me the name of the funding company (even though the buyers have been “qualified”), the title company or the contact information for the buyers – all very strange and inconsistent with normal real estate transaction procedures.

I did some calling today at the State government level as suggested by Great West Funding and no such business is listed. I was even given a business license number by GWF, but no such listing in Arizona. Let’s keep exposing this seemingly fraudulant outfit.

I was warned that I should not pay anything until I see the money. I have gone thru this once. If I pay ahead of time I was told to do it with a credit card, no check or cash. By doing it this way if it does not go thru I can dispute your payment and the credit card company will the company out. If I do not get reply back the credit company will credit my card back to me. I am the seller – why in the world would I pay anything?

Maybe a minimal cost for a waranty deed preparation is reasonable, but no more than a hundred dollars. Could you please let me know what the specific law or code was applicable regarding the sellers? Most, if not all real estate transaction fees are paid by the proceeds at closing. So, if you want money up front, it sure looks like you do not plan on ever closing.

If I do decide to pay, can you put the money in an escrow account, where both parties will have access to it?

I spoke to the BBB in Phoenix and they said the company recently appeared (Jan2012) and that it may be too soon since no complaints have come in yet.

Found out what your company address and suite are. You have a virtual office there suite number can be everyones suite number. (see link to davinci virtual office at this address and suite:
another vendor in the same office:…
another company in the same suite:…
I am now a little early of getting involved. That’s 9 companies at the same address and the same suite. you must be a little crowded.

Here is the link to Google: It shows that you are not listed under that address as shown in your contact form on your website.

If you answer all the concerns I have, then I may consider selling the property. Otherwise, goodluck in your search for naive sellers like I once was who are willing to pay upfront money.