Great West Funding, Inc. scam or not scam?

Great West Funding wants to sell my timeshare for $13,750. Like they tell every body else, they have a buyer and will send in a down payment of $3,3750.00 plus $1,799.00 processing fee, non refundable. If the buyer defaults this money goes to me the seller. However, I need to send in $1,799 fee for escrow to close in 6 weeks. Then the problem is they start to pressure me to send in the $1,799. 
I dont like the way how it is playing out. First of all within a day of speaking to them they report to me that they received the buyer’s monies sound too quick to be true in this rough economy. Then second all prospective sellers are given the same numbers for their sale. I think it look like a scam, it smells like a scam, it appears like a scam chances are it is a SCAM. Time Share Express Services ( scammed me for $1450 and promised to sell my timeshare. But they have never done so and now, as Great West Funding suggest, they are under investigation. 
I also read Great West Funding is too good to be true. Elliott Robinson is listed as the owner of Great West Funding on their web site, but his name does not show up as an officer or director on Arizona SoS filed documents. Gerald Pitts is listed as the corporate secretary. Pitts address shows up as having a building in Wyoming housing 2000 corporations. He sets them up for other people.

The Great West address in Phoenix is also listed as the address for 2 other corporations. That address is a “shell” address offered by, scam or not scam?

Update: Ok, I did some research online and spoke to my attorney. I want everyone to know what my answer is, and I actually emailed it to GWF after telling them that I will not pay upfront fees. I am still waiting for their reply. Here is what I emailed them:

Please review and reply to my concerns I have and then I will consider selling my property. I need your answers in writing, that’s why I am emailing you.

In doing my due diligence to sell my timeshare condo through Great West Funding, I have uncovered several issues that pretty much confirm that you are a fraudulent organization:

Elliot Robinson is listed as the owner of Great West Funding, and although his name shows up on records at the Arizona Corporation Commission, he does not show up as an officer nor a director on any of the Arizona Secretary of State Corporation documents filed by GFW.

However, a Gerald Pitts is listed as Corporation secretary. Mr. Pitts’ address in Wyoming also shows up as the corporate address for 2000