Delta Medallion Qualification Letter Complaint


With all the changes that Delta imposed, I have no choice but change the program to something more favorable in my opinion (American Airlines or Alaska Airlines). I have written twice to Delta about my situation, but it seems like that they are not willing to change anything. So, I decided to share my letters with everyone before I change the airlines. You will see why.

Dear Mr. Mahidov,

RE: Case Number 14305525

Thank you for your reply. We are sorry for the delay in responding.

We appreciate your additional comments. As you requested, we have again reviewed the matter to see if we overlooked anything that might support a more favorable conclusion. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can add to what has already been stated in our previous correspondence. We do appreciate your feedback and will forward it on to our SkyMiles Elite Team for internal review.

Thank you for being a Platinum Medallion member with us. We appreciate the opportunity to give this matter consideration. We regret that we have been unable to meet your needs in this instance. We hope we remain your airline of choice.


Danielle Devereaux
Medallion Desk

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Dear Kimberly,

Thank you for your reply. I saw your offer for spending very huge amount of money to by MQM miles back in 2013. I think your solution is not going to work for me, since I cannot afford over $1500 for just 7500 MQ miles. Neither you were able to answer specifically to my concerns about qualifications for the medallion status.

I see that currently if I fly to Ukraine with Delta, I would get about 23K miles based on the distance flown. But, using your calculator for 2015, it shows that I would only get about 15K miles based on the price of the ticket (~$1700). I am going to make less miles with your new revisions in the program. I know that the same case will apply on domestic travels. If I spend $450 on a ticket from SLC to JFK, currently I get 3978 miles vs 2250 miles that I would get in 2015. It sucks getting less miles. Did Delta consider that many loyal customers will suffer rather than benefit from this new program that will kick in 2015?

I checked American Airlines and Alaska Airlines (both are very appealing to me) and they do not have minimum $$ spent on a ticket to qualify for the medallion status. Also, their miles program allows me quickly to accumulate miles for my next free ticket based on the distance flown rather than $$ spent.

After my long relationship with Delta, I have no choice but to consider other, more favorable options for me. You should really consider working with American Express to re-evaluate how the card members are being rewarded. Everything up until the qualifications $$ spent on a ticket was fine and I think I could live with that. But with the new requirements for medallion status, causes me to question my customer loyalty with Delta.

If there is something you can do to keep me as your customer, I would encourage to help in my situation by either allowing to keep me my Platinum status, so I don’t have to re-qualify next year (roll-over my miles and $$) or work with American Express to change their rewards system so I am still able to quickly accumulate medallion miles (i.e. instead of 10K MQ miles, reward 20K-25K MQ miles per every $25K spent).

Please let me know what solution you can provide in my situation.

Kind Regards,

Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2014 8:31 AM
Subject: Re: OCSD-General Feedback-SkyMiles (KMM40058838V29202L0KM)

Dear Mr. Mahidov,

RE: Case Number 14305525

Thank you for contacting us about needing additional Medallion Qualification Miles to attain Platinum status for 2015.
We offer numerous opportunities other than flying to earn MQMs. Last year we did offer a promotion to buy MQMs but we still have not received any information indicating we may offer this again this year. I recommend checking for information on the ‘Buy MQM’ option around December 1st as this was around the time it has been offered in previous years.

For future reference I recommend visiting periodically for future updates, special offers and MQM building promotions. You will see many programs to earn miles and possible MQMs from, Hotel, Car Rental, Dining, Retail, and Specialty partners. I am including the following link to the corresponding page:

I have reviewed your upcoming travel and in case you are not aware your trip planned going to Maui on December 20th will not earn miles or MQMs.

This travel is award travel which is not eligible for mileage credit.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in the future with any other concerns or comments. Not only does it make us aware of areas needing attention but also keeps us on track to meeting your expectations.

Mr. Mahidov, thank you for your support as a Platinum Medallion member and for trusting your business to us. As an Elite Medallion member your requests for assistance and comments are always appreciated.


Kimberly Tyler
Medallion Desk

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Delta Air Lines Customer Care Form

Message: Dear Delta Customer Service, I have been a loyal member of your program since around 2007. I always chose Delta as a preferred airline, even though there are other airlines that provide similar
benefits to their customers. Due to many changes in the Delta SkyMiles program that happened, I am considering to not continue using your services because it becomes really hard to earn status, not speaking of regular miles. I hope you will ?hear? me and help me. I noticed that I would have around 7000 miles to earn this year in order to achieve my Platinum status. I have already spent >$25K on American Express card which already would qualify for the status, but what is left is just 7000 miles to accumulate to achieve that status. With two trips that are

already scheduled I am not planning to book any other flights for this year. That said, it looks like that in 2015 I will have to start all over again and wait until I accumulate another $25K or MQDs on my
account, which may take up to 7 months! In the past, my miles rolled over and I was able to qualify for Platinum status without the wait. Now, I will have to start it from Gold status and wait till 7 months
(typically this is how long it takes me to spend $25K) in order to get the Platinum status. Besides what I?ve mentioned above, you also have changed the way miles are earned. Basically for my trips I will earn miles based on $$ spent on a ticket rather than miles, even though you say that it would be easier to redeem miles. Honestly I do not care how easy it is to redeem miles. It has been easier for me so far. Not sure why this change happened as well. You are toughening miles earning but American Express is not changing reward program either. American Express is not going to award me more for money spent. Because of those changes

that will happen in 2015 I am begging you to help me in this situation to gain additional 7000 miles this year, so I could keep my Platinum status next year and continue using your services for my future flights.

I really do not want to wait another 7 months to qualify for Platinum status. You do provide excellent customer service, for which I am very grateful. And I do not want to lose my relationship with you and start looking for other more beneficial airlines. Please help me. Looking forward to your reply.

Kind Regards, Vitaliy