Vitaly’s Endoscopic Sinus and Nasal Surgery in Provo UT

Vitaly Kirkpatrick after Nasal and Sinus Surgery in Provo UT
Vitaly Kirkpatrick after Nasal and Sinus Surgery in Provo UT
Phew, I am glad it is over! I am on the road to recovery. My preparation for the surgery and recovery took some time. However, to be honest, I didn’t expect to feel great a couple of days right after the surgery. I am so glad that I had experienced it at least once in my life, and it happened to me here in the US.
I have started my preparation for the surgery the beginning of this year, when my oral surgeon, suggested to go to Nose doctor to see how they can help so I avoid a chance of loosing any chewing teeth.
In the past, I had one peridontist to put a couple of implants in my mouth. I will be writing about my, so called, unpleasant expiriences with that particular peridontist later. So, to avoid any further problems with my teeth, I decided to get a second opinion on what can be done to help me to strenthen my chewing teeth.

After one scheduled visit with the oral doctor, and a CT scan of my head, it was determined that I should talk to the nose doctor and see what he suggest. b2ap3 thumbnail 2013-02-02-11.08.09

Finally, I had my appointment with the nose doctor, who suggested that I take some antibiotics first to see if sinus infection would clear out. Unfortunately, after a month of trying those pills and rinsing my nose with the nose rinse (soda and water) we have not achieved any successfull results and my sinus surgery was scheduled for February 1, 2013.

Well, after a great night with friends on Thursday, on Friday morning I had to go to the hospital. I must say, that being in the hospital was my first ever greatest expirience I have ever had, considering that I have never been to the hospital in my lifetime. In the past, I paid a few visits to my friends when they were in the hospital in Ukraine, but I have never been a patient in one of those.

So, Friday, 10am. I arrive to the hospital in Provo, Utah (Intermountain Healthcare Hospital).

I’ve met wonderful people, and even Dr. William A. Shakespeare, who was my anestosiologist. All the nurses were so friendly and chatty. I even got one main nurse who was making sure I am welcome at the hospital. Unfortunately, Dr. Shakespeare didnt have anything ready for me to recite, although his dad was an English Major Teacher. But they all agreed, that something uplifting before going to sleep would not only mood-up their patients but also brings good mood into the surgery room.

So, I was taken to a surgery room around 11am. I even dont remember what happened next. All I know that I woke up in the recovery room around 4pm. I think my surgery has lasted only 2 hours. As my surgeon explained, I didn’t have any complications during the surgery. Which was really good news. b2ap3 thumbnail 2013-02-01-15.32.51

I think when I woke up, I was a little high, cuz I didnt feel any pain in my nose as I expected to feel.

I was waking up and going back to sleep for another hour. My nurse kept coming and checking on me once in awhile, especially when she heard my breathing machine was signaling to her that I need more oxigen. It was hard to breathe, at first since I have never learned how to breathe with my mouth. But when I started breathing with my mouth my oxygen levels were normal, however, my mouth was completely dry. So, I kept asking the nurse to keep bringing me apple juice with ice.

I probably took me another hour to be stable and ready to go home. However, I wanted to sleep more.

When I arrived home, my couch with all the stuffed toys and pillows was ready for me. Nice and warm. I was happy to be at home because it was so nice and quiet. I went to bed right away. I kept waking up once in awhile, due to the difficulty of breathing. And, of course, I kept drinking that iced apple juice to keep my mouth moist.

I slept through the entire day and woke up around midnight. It was hard for me to go back to sleep, so I watched a couple of movies and went to bed at around 3 am. I hate breathing through my mouth and sometimes I felt like I was suffocating. Regardless of all those mild challenges, I turned out to be in a very good condition. No pain killers or any other drugs, no black eyes and comfort as I was told I would have. All I have been still small marks in my nose and discomfort in breathing. I can’t wait until the time when I will continue breathing freely.

Monday is my first day of work. By looking at me, my co-workers don’t see any signs of surgery.

This is how I lived through my first ever surgery and how I spent my first time in the hospital. All I can say, visiting an American hospital was a great expirience for me. I guess I could say that I would not mind repeating this expirience again.

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