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Vitaly Kirkpatrick's Adventures

How much of your time life do you spend somewhere meandering in the world? My adventures have not started until recent years of my life. My adventures will guide you to places I have visited and things I have done there. Also you will learn about favorite places to be. Enjoy your journey!

At the Very Top of the Timpanogos Mountain in Utah

Finally after reaching the top of the mountain, even though I was tired, I felt an obligation of making a video of me at...

Conquering of the Timpanogos Mountain, 2012

If you ever considered to conquer one of the greatest mountains in Utah, or planned to try to hike 7000 feet above the valley...

“Where Do I Go?” Poem

With ALL my travels, I was inspired enough to write a poem called "Where to go?" But the meaning of the poem is slightly...